sister picnic 48x36sm


I’m looking forwrad to the day when I can get the girls to sit still and pose for me, but for now, I paint them from photos. It’s still a bit tricky and involves using several different reference pics. This is one of my favorite paintings from this past year because it incorporates some of my favorite subjects; birch trees, adirondack chairs, patterned fabric, and of course my daughters. It’s fun when a painting like this starts to come together. I attempted a lot of family paintings this past year and only a few have been worth keeping. I’m hoping this is a series I can explore over many years.


Bubbles 48x36sm


I have a show coming up at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland Maine this August, and I’ve got some new painting subjects I’ve been trying out. For this show I’ve been working on a wide range of subjects, but all based on the theme of summer in Maine.Some of the paintings are the landscapes that I would usually paint, but there are also some fun still life and figure paintings. This was the first of the figurative pieces which got me started on the whole idea of the show. For me this painting is about the different way I experience summer since the birth of my first daughter two years ago. I’m now forced to slow down once in a while and play in the sun.

My show at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland opens August 1st, and will hang most of the month.

This past year

Tractor Profile...

tractor profile


I’m always a sucker for backlighting because it simplifies the scene into the most basic shapes of dark and light. I think I like this one so much because of all of the rich color I snick into the tight value structure.

Ford Tractor...

Waiting for work 24x24sm


This is a 24×24″ tractor painting from I did last week. I knew the tractor would be there and was pleasantly surprised to see how it looked outside the open garage door of this barn. Usually I like to crop in tight on an object like this when I compose the painting, but this time I liked the environment created by the colors of the barn and the strong light on the ground.

Often I have to deal with trucks, tractors and boats driving away on me, but this time I was happy to know this one is broken down and wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Bayview Street...

Bayview St 24x24sm


I’ve had a good time doing some painting around downtown Camden this spring. This is one of my favorite views as you drive into town on Bayview St. There’s a lot to take in, but it’s a great shot in to town with Mt Battie and the church steeple in the background. It’s especially nice in the spring, as the trees are just starting to get leaves, and there is a soft green in a lot of the foliage in town.

While painting this day I ran in to a lot of friends, which is pretty normal for working in such a visible spot in the summer. I even had a friend and fellow painter, Erik Minzner stop by with his kids and have a picnic with me. It was really fun to have him and the energy of his kids around me while I worked. He has a gallery on rte 1 in Newcastle, ME. Check out his work if you get a chance.

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