Sullivan’s Island...

Sullivans Island Station 16x20sm


Sullivan’s Island is one of the new places I painted in South Carolina. There were a few great spots on Sullivan’s Island, but when we drove past this old Coast Guard Station I knew I wanted to paint this building. I really like the personality of this old building, and it also gave a view of the lighthouse in the background. It’s a strange looking lighthouse, which is part of the reason I wanted to include it. But I also had to make sure to quiet the colors down in the lighthouse, so that it would clearly sit behind the home, and not look attached to it. This island was a great place to paint, and also led to meeting some fun locals. I hope to get back there the next time I go south to paint. This painting is hanging at Anglin Smith Fine Art in Charleston, SC.

Shrimper Blues...

Shrimping Blues 11x14sm


This painting was an early morning painting of some shrimp boats, while the wind was still and the water was a mirror. I liked seeing the color of these boats reflected in the water, and the way the blue popped off of the warm ochre  tones of the marsh behind them. The one problem with painting when there is no wind is that the no-see-ums just flocked ot me and I was eaten alive. Usually I paint fast because of changing light and tides, but this one I was just trying to finish so I could g hide from the bugs. I really enjoy painting the shrimp boats down there. They have a lot of character. This painting  is 11×14″, and is on display at Anglin Smith Fine Art.

Charleston Light...

Afternoon Light 18x24sm



I had a great time painting in Charleston last week, and was excited to see some fun new painting spots. Thanks to Jennifer and Shannon Smith for showing me around while I was in South Carolina. I did a few larger pieces on location down there, including this one which is 18×24″. It was painted in the afternoon at Crosby’s Seafood. It’s a busy composition, but I felt like the dock going into the center of the painting helped give the picture some organization. This painting, along with the other paintings I did last week are all on display at Anglin Smith Fine Art in downtown Charleston. It’s a really fun gallery that I’m happy to be a part of.

Friendship Harbor...

Friendship 12x16sm


Friday night I am in Charleston, SC for the First Friday Art Walk. I will be at Angin Smith Fine Art, where I will have a few new paintings on display. The reception is from 5-8pm. And the next day I will be back in Maine for an opening reception at Greenhut Gallery for their “Portland Show.” This is an invitational exhibit of  paintings of Portland, Maine. The reception for this show is from 1-3pm on Saturday April 5.

Since I’m already doing a lot of self promotion here, I’ll also recommend two other ways you can follow my work. There is an easy way to sign up for my email announcements, which cover upcoming shows and workshops. On the top right corner of my website you can find a space to type in your email address and click the button that says “JOIN.” When I have news to share with you, maybe three or four times a year, you will automatically get my email blasts.

The other easy way to keep up with me is by liking my facebook fan page for Colin Page Paintings. Here I will sometimes post paintings in progress or photos of newly finished paintings from the field, along with the occasional  studio shot. It’s a fun way for me to let you know what I’m up to.

Sunset Glare...

sunset glare 12x16sm


Lately I’ve been doing some studies of light on the water in preparation for some bigger paintings I have in mind. This one is 12×16″ and was painted from a fairly monochromatic photo. I tend to paint these scenes with a cooler color scheme so I tried for a warmer feel on this one. Loosening up my normal color palette also helped me to loosen up my brushwork. This was a pretty quick one, but I’m pleased with how it came out.

I also want to mention that I am going to be at the Anglin Smith Gallery for the First Friday art walk this week from 5-8pm. I will have a few new paintings at the gallery and I’m excited to be there for an opening reception. If you are in Charleston this week I hope to see you there.

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