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Old trucks are a fun subject to paint. They have a lot of history, and their personality seems to have gotten richer with each little ding and patch of rust. This was another one from Jerome, AZ, but I painted this in the studio when I got home. I wanted to paint it with a theme of warm and cool colors setting the compositional idea. It’s a bit larger at 30×40″ so it also gave me room to play around with some loose paint handling.

3 Responses to “Open Seat”

  1. Dave Miner says:

    Viewed this work three or four times Colin and still seeing new stuff within. Great color and execution.

  2. suzanne hoffman says:

    I LOVE this painting Colin. The light literally flies off the page and warms my cold winter bones. And the abstraction just adds to the richness. It’s a real winner!

  3. Wow! Love this one–the truck almost seems to be hiding in all the brush.

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