A full vase...



















I’ve been playing around with a few different kinds of flowers as subjects. Flowers can be very difficult subjects. There is lots of transparency and reflected color within the petals. White roses simplify these effects in some ways. This is always a tough subject, so I started this painting with the goal of  keeping things simple and just finding the bigger relationship of color. Then I fought really hard to hold myself back and only clarify and add detail where I thought it was absolutely necessary. This is always my goal, but with this one I was more willing to listen to my nagging voice. I let more of the freshness stay through to the end of the painting.

2 Responses to “A full vase”

  1. Ron Wilson says:

    I get lost unless I use soft and hard edges. You seem to succeed with form and tone. I’ll try this when next I paint roses.

  2. Colin Page says:

    Hi Ron,

    I have been trying to get better at painting flowers and I am finding that for how I paint them, I get a better effect of light in the petals when I do less work. When I can make myself stop at an early stage, the flower tends to have more glow. So I look for big color relationships in the flower and use a big brush. It’s at least working with the roses these days.

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