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Customized 16x20sm

My wife recommended a Stephen King book to me recently. Not a horror book, but a book on writing. In fact it is titled, “On Writing.” I’ve always enjoyed reading and listening to a creative person talk about their process. This book is a great book about living a creative life. Even though the focus is writing, you could substitute “painting” for “writing” in most circumstances. It’s a really fun read, and also insightful about living as an artist. Below is one of the quotes I highlighted in my copy of the book:

Good writing is often about letting go of fear and affectation. Affectation itself, beginning with the need to define some sorts of writing as “good and other sorts as “bad,” is fearful behavior. Good writing is also about making good choices when it comes to the tools you choose to work with.

The painting above is a fishing boat I’ve always been intrigued by in Rockport harbor. It’s fundamental shape is that of a lobster boat, but it’s been suped up quite a bit. I’m not a fisherman, but I do love the shapes and lines on this boat. This is a 16×20″ oil on canvas and will be on display at Greenhut Gallery in Portland, ME for their holiday show.

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  1. I heard an interview with Stephen King right after this book was published and was inspired also by his ideas. I had thought of him as just another one of those writers who just turn them out without caring too much about the craft of writing…but have since read a few of his stories that show how good an author he can be. Lynne and I listened to his novella “the Body” on a trip and I highly recommend it. Later I read it and loved it. The film “Stand By Me” was based on this short novel. Anyway…this painting is also inspiring. It is quite lyrical. I think I met the guy who owns this boat last August….said he goes out and harpoons giant bluefin tuna off the bow platform. Whoa!

  2. Colin Page says:

    Hi Kirk, I had never read any of his books before either, and hadn’t thought about his artistic approach to his craft before, but this book was a great view of life as a creator written by a great writer. I love his honesty and openness. Many of the messages do translate directly to the experience of the visual artist.

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