Happy Thanksgiving!...

Western Skies 11x14smWhile painting in Utah I was regularly amazed by the drama of the landscape. I loved trying to paint the huge mountains, canyons and rock formations, and I also loved trying to paint the extreme distances. This 11×14″ was painted at Canyonlands National Park as an attempt to capture the far distance and atmosphere of the scene, and the building clouds. I also played around a bit with varying my paint application for different parts of the scene.

Every day I was there we painted somewhere new, and every day I was blown away by what we found.

I added a new poll question today. I’m asked to donate to a lot of causes, and I’m curious which types of fundraising people prefer. Place your vote in the sidebar on the right.


4 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Chris o says:

    Love the thickness of the clouds

  2. Colin Page says:

    Thanks Chris. I repainted the sky many times, and by the time I was done the paint got pretty thick in places.

  3. John alsop says:

    Hey Colin! I just got back from Moab myself. On pre thanksgiving family foray. What a place for painting! Happy holidays to you and family. Cheers ja

  4. Nice painting Colin, I love the blue/lav shadows on the cliff faces, and that orangey stripe at the cliff base.
    Thanks, Fred

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