Low bushes and a long view...

Low Sage11x14sm


This is another from my trip to Utah. As much as I wanted to paint the drama of the cliffs and canyons every where I went, I also liked the color of these low bushy things, that I called sage. If you have any better idea of what they are please do share.

I love having these little paintings to remind me of my travels. This was a great trip with some good friends and just seeing this painting brings me back to standing in the desert with friends while we all struggled away with our canvases.

4 Responses to “Low bushes and a long view”

  1. Nice painting, Colin. I do these, too, and call them ‘snapshots,’ since they are more for remembering what the trip was like. I think those bushy things, depending on the size, are either rabbitbrush (smallish) or juniper (tallish).

  2. Bobbi Heath says:

    Colin, both of these paintings from your trip west are beautiful, so different from Maine, but still totally Colin. As someone said on facebook, you’ve really got the distance down, and of course the colors are just gorgeous. And I agree (going back a few posts now), the oil primed linen is perfect for small work, and makes me think oil priming some larger regular canvas might be a good idea too!

  3. Colin Page says:

    Yeah Michael, It’s fun to zoom in sometimes and look for something other than the big landscape. But it’s hard to do out west where the bigger scene is so dramatic.

  4. Colin Page says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    Glad you like some of these western paintings. They are lots of fun. And yes I have used linen on some larger pieces, but not the oil primed stuff yet. I might give that a try this winter. Good idea.

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