Sullivan’s Island...

Sullivans Island Station 16x20sm


Sullivan’s Island is one of the new places I painted in South Carolina. There were a few great spots on Sullivan’s Island, but when we drove past this old Coast Guard Station I knew I wanted to paint this building. I really like the personality of this old building, and it also gave a view of the lighthouse in the background. It’s a strange looking lighthouse, which is part of the reason I wanted to include it. But I also had to make sure to quiet the colors down in the lighthouse, so that it would clearly sit behind the home, and not look attached to it. This island was a great place to paint, and also led to meeting some fun locals. I hope to get back there the next time I go south to paint. This painting is hanging at Anglin Smith Fine Art in Charleston, SC.

2 Responses to “Sullivan’s Island”

  1. Darrell Anderson says:

    You have this ability to simplify things to their essentials yet they seem satisfyingly complete….just enough detail to make the point. Quite a skill. Glad you explained the lighthouse.

  2. Colin Page says:

    Thanks Darrell. I hope your own painting is going well these days!

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