Dancing with the Local Stars...

Fox Island Thoroughfare 12x16sm


I will be one of the performers in a local fundraiser called Dancing With the Local Stars. It’s a fundraiser for the Wayfinder School. I am being partnered up with an instructor from a local Balroom Dance School, Swing and Sway, and I will be performing a West Coast Swing. I’ve been practicing a lot and I’m really excited to see how it goes. If you are in midcoast Maine you should check it out. I’ve heard it’s usually a great show. The performance is Friday May 9 at 7pm.

I’ve been working on a few of these backlit harbor scenes as studies for a bigger sunset painting. This is a 12×16″ painting of the Fox Island Thoroughfare seen from the top deck of the North Haven Ferry. I painted this one from a photo and from my memory of many other experiences painting backlit water from life. I learn a lot about scenes like this from studying the colors on site, and also from studying how other painter approach  problem like this. It’s a fun challenge always trying to get better at capturing the different types of light in the landscape.


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  1. Really feel the glare…..I’m thinking of squinting or reaching for the sunglasses. You are really on to something with the energetic brushwork adding to the feeling. Looking forward to seeing the large painting you come up with.

  2. Colin Page says:

    Thanks so much Kirk. I’m already working on the bigger one and I’m sure I’ll post it here when it’s more resolved.

  3. Chris o says:

    Real nice

  4. Is this for sale? It is beautiful.

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