Maine Shoreline...

Maine Shoreline 18x24sm



I painted this a few weeks ago near Owls Head lighthouse. It’s 16×20″ oil on canvas. When painting rocks like these I like to look for big simple passages of color, and value. Those big relationships set up the sense of light for the scene, and from there I can get in to the more subtle relationships. In the early stages a painting is broken into the biggest areas of light and dark, and as the painting develops I get to play more with the color and paint application.

3 Responses to “Maine Shoreline”

  1. janine bridges says:

    beautiful, love those green reflections

  2. Jason Gunby says:

    I’m really struck by this exquisite painting. It’s just gorgeous–so dynamic and full of life. Bravo, Colin!

  3. Duc c├ęcile says:

    wonderfull light in water, great energy in this painting ! (j’adore)

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