McLoons Wharf...

McLoons Lobster Shack 24x24sm


This has been one of my favorite places to paint over the years. It’s a great little working harbor with lots of great views in all kinds of light. I love these little red shacks at the water’s edge, and there are lobster boats going in and out all day. It’s a fun place to work as long as the wind isn’t blowing off the water. Even though I painted it with hot sunlit color, the ocean breeze had me cold all day. Even when it’s 80 degrees inland, this spot can be a cold place to spend the day.

“McLoons Wharf” 24×24″ oil on canvas.

7 Responses to “McLoons Wharf”

  1. Dina Gomery says:

    Your paintings are wonderful and very inspiring to me. Will you be teaching in Massachusetts in the near future?
    Please send me your workshop schedule.

  2. janine bridges says:

    quintessential page. these are the pictures that keep me coming back!

  3. Chris o says:


  4. Stephanie Kelleher says:

    I just love your work. I am a part-time employee of Betty Anglin Smith; I am actually her sister’s good friend and decided to help out in the gallery on 9 Queen Street in Charleston SC. I have sold several of your pieces and everyone in the gallery is crazy about your work. I come from MA so I will come up and visit your gallery next time I am in New England.

    I especially love your tractor painting….Keep up the grat work. Stephanie

  5. Colin Page says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks so much!! I love being a part of Anglin Smith Gallery. I hope to get you some new work down there soon. Thanks for getting in touch.

  6. I think I love your red buildings most of all your subjects. Such balance and beauty.
    BTW congratulations on your SOLD OUT show at DW!
    Well deserved.

  7. Duc cécile says:

    waouh ! très beau !

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