Maine Islands...

Low tide at Two Bush 11x14sm


After doing a larger painting of this scene at high tide I did this quick sketch at low tide. The water drops low enough that you could walk between the islands. This was from my day on Hurricane Island, a few weeks ago. I would really love to get out there again . Some of the islands around here have stunning views, which I would love to take more advantage of.

I also want to mention that a blog, Lines and Colors, recently posted about my paintings. It’s a fun blog that covers a wide range of visual art, from comic books and advertisements to plein air painting.

McLoons Wharf...

McLoons Lobster Shack 24x24sm


This has been one of my favorite places to paint over the years. It’s a great little working harbor with lots of great views in all kinds of light. I love these little red shacks at the water’s edge, and there are lobster boats going in and out all day. It’s a fun place to work as long as the wind isn’t blowing off the water. Even though I painted it with hot sunlit color, the ocean breeze had me cold all day. Even when it’s 80 degrees inland, this spot can be a cold place to spend the day.

“McLoons Wharf” 24×24″ oil on canvas.

Maine Shoreline...

Maine Shoreline 18x24sm



I painted this a few weeks ago near Owls Head lighthouse. It’s 16×20″ oil on canvas. When painting rocks like these I like to look for big simple passages of color, and value. Those big relationships set up the sense of light for the scene, and from there I can get in to the more subtle relationships. In the early stages a painting is broken into the biggest areas of light and dark, and as the painting develops I get to play more with the color and paint application.

Hurricane Island...

Two Bush Island 16x20sm


A week ago I was one of 20 painters who boarded two boats and headed out to Hurricane Island. We spent the day painting works that will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for Hurricane Island Outward Bound School on August 22. It was my first time on the island, and I was floored by how beautiful it was. The boat ride approaching the island was beautiful, as well as the views we had as we explored looking for painting locations. This was painted on the south side, looking just south of Vinalhaven. Two Bush Island is only an island at high tide. As the tide dropped rocks and seaweed connected it to where I was standing, and made for a much different scene.

Jordan Farm Bus...

jordan farm bus 12x16sm


This was painted at the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Paint Out last month. The event is a lot of fun and very well run. It was a quick sketch done after working on a bigger painting through the morning. Jordan Farm was a great location with some fun old tractors, and also this great bus. This is a 12×16″ painting, oil on canvas.

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