Island Traveller...

Island Traveller 16x20sm




This was a 16×20″ painting from Maui. I really like the lines on some of these double canoes. I chose this angle because the foreshortening pulls the viewer into the painting.

Hobie Cat...

Hobie Cat 16x20sm


Usually on a plein air painting trip I do fairly small paintings, about 11×14″. On my recent trip to Hawaii I brought some 16×20″ panels and worked with them a few days. The painting on this post is a 16 x 20″ painting I did on one of my first days of free painting. It was an overcast and occasionally rainy day, so I chose a colorful subject. It’s really nice to work on something bigger than usual and stretch out a bit.




Honu 14x11sm



I’m almost done with this, but I’m still posting pics from my trip to Maui a month ago. This was painted on site after eating an early dinner and trying to find a fun nocturne. This restaurant, Honu, is an incredible place to eat, along with it’s sister restaurant, Mala. I was actually thinking of painting a scene down the street from here when I stumbled onto this scene. I had to rearrange a few things, mostly moving the bush in the foreground shadow, but it made for a pretty perfect spot. I think what caught my eye at first was teh two different colors of the lights on the building, from the cool light on the side of the building facing us, to the warm light around the sign and under the awning. I did have dinner there a few nights later and it was incredible. And a few nights after that I went to Mala for another delicious meal.

This is 14×11″, oil on linen. I tend to have a tough time painting nocturnes, so I was really excited when this came out well. I was also very happy to know who bought it. Sometimes it’s nice to know where a painting is going, and that it will be in good hands.

Ironwoods Beach...

Ironwoods Beach 11x14sm


I did a few paintings of this rocky shore when I was in Maui. I really liked the shape of the rocky shore here, ad the regularity of the huge waves that came crashing in. It made for a really dramatic subject. In this painting I left the foreground a bit more open than the others to help pull the viewer in to the action. After doing several of these paintings in location in Hawaii, I started to get some ideas for paintings I can do at home in Maine. I’m looking forward to trying a few studio projects along these lines and also getting on site once the weather warms up a bit.

This is 11×14″ oil on linen.

Hawaiian Crush...

Impact 11xz14sm


Here’s another painting from my recent trip from Maui. I was excited to stumble onto this great location with beautiful blue-green water crashing into the rocky cliffs in Kapalua. In some ways it reminded me of painting back at home in Maine. It was a great spot for painting the surf and trying to capture the activity of the ocean. It really is difficult to paint the water in a scene like this where the elements of the scene change so quickly. In the end I spend a lot of time just staring at the scene and remembering certain aspects that I can use to make a better image. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case I was pretty happy with it.

The painting is 11×14″, oil on linen board.

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