Stripes and Seafood...

Stripes and Seafood 48x36sm


I picked up a new striped tablecloth. Not a very elaborate pattern, but it’s a fun backdrop for a still life. I thought a combo of red stripes, along with lobster and some other striped cloth would work well together. Even though painting stripes can be monotonous, but I like following the color of the stripe as it passes from light to shadow. There can even be subtle shifts in hue from one stripe to another within the same light situation.

This painting is 48×36.” I find that these colorful tablecloth-scapes are fun on a larger scale because the viewer can get lost in the pattern.

Fruit and Flowers...

Fruit and Flowers 40x30sm



This painting is in California at my exhibit at the Debra Huse Gallery. The show is up for just a few more weeks. This is one of the bigger paintings in the show, at 40×30″ and is one of my favorites. I love the pattern of this tablecloth, and the bright flowers and fruits give the painting a pop of warmth and sunlight.

Still Life Color...

Floral Still Life 48x36sm


Still life opens up some opportunities to play with all kinds of color. I’ve been collecting fabrics, along with some new objects. I want to punch up the color as much as possible with these paintings. It’s just as hard to plan the painting, as it is to paint it. I end up spending a few days with the still life on the table, moving the objects around, before I start in on the painting. I have a couple of favorite tablecloths, and objects, but I try to bring in a few new things each time. This painting is 48×36″.

Beach Day...

Afternoon on the Beach 12x16sm


The online art magazine, Artists on Art, asked me to write an article for their winter issue, which is out now. In the beginning I struggled to describe my priorities as a painter, but I’m proud of the final product. I tried to give an honest description of my struggles to make better work. There is a fee to read the magazine, but they tend to have very good painters write for them, and some interesting articles. It’s definitely worth checking out.

This painting is on it’s way to the Debra Huse Gallery for a show of my paintings this February. The opening reception is the evening of Friday, February 6th. I enjoyed composing this scene of beach bums. Even though the painting’s most obvious characters are people in beach chairs, the seagulls steal the show. I love how they strut around in the foreground.


Dinghies 12x16sm


I don’t paint dinghies very often, but I liked the organization of the strong light and shadow shapes, and also the shifts in color between the different boats. It made for a fun subject, and I really enjoy this painting. This one is 12×16″, and headed to the Debra Huse Gallery in southern California for my show in February.

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