Summer Yardscape...

Summer yardscape 20x16sm


I painted this one back in August. We picked up this fun little tricycle for Audrey and I loved the colors and lines on it. I spent a surprisingly long time moving it around the yard to try it with different light effects and backgrounds.

I just spent the last few weeks teaching workshops in Rockland, ME. It was fun but completely exhausting! One of the things I stress in my classes is the importance of simplifying a scene to it’s most important shapes and colors when we paint. still want my drawing to be correct, but I find it most important to get the values and color shifts put in with a painterly brushstroke. The tricycle was fun to paint, but I really like the simplicity of how the baby pool in the background was painted. It’s the subtle shifts in blue that give a sense of light and shadow that I like, and how those colors play off the rest of the composition’s colors. 


Backlit Camden 16x20sm


This was painted in Camden Harbor with tons of boats and beautiful scenery. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what t include in a painting. Instead of trying to squeeze the whole scene onto the canvas I looked for an opportunity to zoom in on a small grouping of boats. This series of white boats made for a fun study in observing the subtle color shifts that can happen as light bounces around.

Blue Eyed Girl...

Blue Eyed Girl 16x20sm


I found this boat as it was waiting for the tide to drop. The fisherman had to paint the hull and replace his propeller, so he was waiting for the boat to be sitting on dry land at dead low tide. The best part of this situation is that the boat was going to be stuck here for a while, making it easier to paint. I really appreciated the kindness of the fishermen working around the dock who let me work out there. This painting is 16×20″.

Sunset Harbor...

Sunset Worker 12x16sm


It was fun to zoom in on this docked boat at low tide. It makes for a slightly busy composition, but I like how it works anyway. It was tough to deal with the pile of junk on the dock, but I  just tried to simplify it to big basic shapes. This is a 12×16″ painting.

Boothbay Sunrise...

sunrise pier 12x16sm


A few weeks ago I painted with some friends in Boothbay Harbor, where we stayed overnight. Early the next morning I woke up to a beautiful clear sunrise and rushed out to do a quick painting of the early light. It’s a beautiful time to paint if you can deal with how fast the sun moves. I don’t do this often, but it was a fun painting.

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