Sunflower cut-outs....

Sunflower Bouquet 24x20sm


I liked cropping in tight on these sunflowers for a more graphic image. The flowers and the shapes of the pattern on the tablecloth get simplified into big simple shapes that lock together in a composition I really like. Part of this was influenced by a book from the show of Matisse cut-outs at the Museum of Modern Art. I haven’t had the chance to see the show myself, but my mom sent the book to me. I was struck by how he creates moving images from simple, flat shapes. This painting is no where near that flat, but I was influenced a bit by that idea.

This painting is 24×20″.

Sun Flower...

Sun drenched Still life 34x30sm


One way I get excited for a new still life is by going to the local grocery store, fish market, or flower shop. My favorite place to get flowers is Hoboken Gardens in Rockport. This fall I’ve picked up a few fun flower arrangements. I wanted to pop the yellow sunflowers by surrounding them with some fun blues. It’s fun to work with sun filled objects to warm up the winter days.

Fresh Catch...

Fresh Catch 48x30sm


The fish came out of the freezer to pose for me again recently. This time I looked at some old master still lifes with fish, and noticed an interesting theme. There were quite a few with sliced lemons. The lemons add a nice splash of color, and also help cut through the smell of raw fish sitting under warm lights. Lemons help, but only a little. This painting is 48×30.”  I hope to work with these two little fishies again sometime, so back into the freezer they went.

John Dory...

Dory Fish 20x24sm


Now that things are slowing down in my schedule, I’ve finally found time to do some fun still life projects I’ve been kicking around for a while. I thought it would be fun to paint fish as part of a tablescape. The first challenge was finding some whole fish. It turns out it’s hard to find a fish that hasn’t already been processed and fileted. Jess’s Market in Rockland came through for me and had some John Dory for me. It’s a beautiful silvery fish that reflects all kinds of color. Before working with it on a larger painting, I decided to paint a smaller piece. This one is 20×24″ and was a blast to paint, even if the subject got a bit smelly. The fish went into the freezer, ready to pose another day.

Commission painting...

lm birches 32x30sm


I’ve painted these birch trees quite a few times, but I still love it. This one was done for someone who wanted to commission a specific size. We talked about what she wanted out of the painting, and I shared several images of different views of these birches over the last few years so I could know what was appealing to her. There was also a specific size to work in, so that the painting would fit perfectly in it’s spot.

Commission paintings can be a challenge. It’s hard to paint freely while also painting for one specific customer. Usually I paint whatever I want to and just wait for the right person to find the painting. With a commission I have to figure out what the client expects from me, while also making a painting that is something that I consider my own, that I can be proud of. This painting is one of the times that painting for someone else met up perfectly with painting for myself. This canvas is 32×30″.

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