Charm 16x12sm


This boat was in drydock at Rockport Marine a few weeks ago. I tend to like the shape of a hull when a sailboat is out of the water anyway, but this boat won me over with it’s color also. I’m a sucker for red white and blue color schemes. Those colors create a pop that I can’t resist. I also like the background, including the church on the hill in the early spring. It creates a nice comparison between the shape of the boat and the architecture of a building.


Camden Schooners 20x24sm


Sometimes I struggle with a front-lit scene, which is why I decided to try this composition. I like all of the color and the busy feel of this one. It was a bit of a struggle to get it done, but I’m really happy with how it came out. This is a great view, but this spot has a lot of distractions, and of course there’s always the cell phone ringing with texts and phone calls. To be honest, I don’t usually mind the occasional interruption to chat about my painting or talk to a friend. If it’s a short interaction it can be a good excuse to step back and have a look at the painting to see what I’ve got on the canvas. ┬áIt can be stranges how often I have my picture taken by tourists. I never mind if someone takes a photo. It just makes me wonder how many tourists go home with photos of me from their Maine vacation. While painting this one I met some fun new people in town, and also manged a painting that I’m really happy with. This is a 20×24″ canvas painted in Camden Harbor.


Matinicus Drydock 24x24sm


I painted this a few weeks ago on an incredibly windy day. The only place I could find to stay warm and protected was hiding between the drydocked boats in a Rockland boatyard. This is a lobster boat from Matinicus Island. There are some great views in this yard, as long as I can stay away from all of the contractors and trucks driving around. I’m hoping to get back for some more painting before all of the boats are back in the water and the yard is empty.

I also want to mention that I was part of a fundraiser for the Wayfinder School in Maine. It was called Dancing With The Local Stars, and I performed a West Coast Swing with my instructor, Jessica Libby from Swing and Sway in Rockland, ME. Luckily, a friend of mine got video of my dance. You can see it here on Youtube. I had a great time being a part of the event, and was really happy to help support the Wayfinder School.

Cherry Blossoms...

Cherry Blossoms 14x11sm


One of the things I loved about being in Charleston the first week in April is that I got to paint the spring colors as the trees were just budding out and fruit trees were flowering. I had noticed this scene on previous trips, and when I saw the blossoms I knew I wanted to paint it. This is one of the beautiful homes south of Broad St. There are beautiful homes and streets in this neighborhood, but it’s difficult to figure out how to put together a good composition with all of the information in the scene. On my next trip, I hope to do some larger paintings of these scenes. This painting, along with the others from my recent trip to Charleston, is on display at Anglin Smith Fine Art Gallery.


Warming Weather...

Birch Light 20x24sm

I love painting these birches in my front yard. The weather has finally warmed and the greens are starting to show up a bit.It’s nice to be working outside while comfortable. This is one of those subjects that I keep coming back to. Seeing it on a sunny afternoon always brings back the desire to paint this scene. The light bounces around between the tree trunks, and reflects off the grass. The painting above is 20×24″. I really like to work on bigger paintings of this scene. In a bigger painting it feels more like standing among the trees where I can get lost in the painting (both as the painter and the viewer. Below is a larger painting of this scene from a few days later. The painting below is 30×48″. At this size I do a lot of work on location, but I also will resolve it a bit in the studio, not to add detail, but to making the painting work better as a whole composition.


Springing birches 30x48sm

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