Pretty in Pink...

Plentiful Pink 36x36sm


This tablecloth was a gift, intended for a possible still life painting. It’s actually not even a tablecloth, but a wide scarf. It’s not the type of pattern I usually look for, but I really like the intensity of the pink. The more I looked at it, the more I was drawn to the pattern. It started reminding me of aboriginal paintings I’ve seen. The dotted lines become little trails the viewer can follow throughout the scene.

Because the color was so vibrant, I was careful to keep an eye on my values. I wanted to keep the value range tight through most of the painting, allowing only a few pops of light, like the plate on the bottom edge. You can see a black and white version of the painting below, to see what I mean.

Plentiful Pink 36x36smbw

Primarily Blue...

Blue Reflections 36x36sm


I wanted to get more reflective color and light in this scene, so I tried something new. On top of the tablecloth is a piece of clear plexiglass. I like the reflections that show up, but I may exaggerate it a bit more the next time I try this. Using the plexi over a more patterned cloth could also create some fun variations. It could be a fun element in these table top paintings.

The bright colors from placing colorful fruit into metal dishes, was another way to play with reflections. Even though the scene is mostly blue, The warmer colors of yellow and orange  direct the viewer through the painting.

Seafood Splendor...

Seafood Splendor 48x36sm


I guess I may as well keep posting still lifes. I’ve painted other subjects this winter, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with these big tabletop scenes. My freezer is getting full of frozen fish from these paintings, but I’m loving fish-scapes! Seen here are john dory, red snapper, mackerel (I think?), mussels, and lobster. I’d love to get a few more to play around with. Maybe some octopus and some crabs, but it’s hard enough to find the fish I’ve got.

This painting is 48×36.” I have plans for a few more still life paintings this winter. I promise to post some other subjects again soon, but I’ve been enjoying these.

Stripes and Seafood...

Stripes and Seafood 48x36sm


I picked up a new striped tablecloth. Not a very elaborate pattern, but it’s a fun backdrop for a still life. I thought a combo of red stripes, along with lobster and some other striped cloth would work well together. Even though painting stripes can be monotonous, but I like following the color of the stripe as it passes from light to shadow. There can even be subtle shifts in hue from one stripe to another within the same light situation.

This painting is 48×36.” I find that these colorful tablecloth-scapes are fun on a larger scale because the viewer can get lost in the pattern.

Fruit and Flowers...

Fruit and Flowers 40x30sm



This painting is in California at my exhibit at the Debra Huse Gallery. The show is up for just a few more weeks. This is one of the bigger paintings in the show, at 40×30″ and is one of my favorites. I love the pattern of this tablecloth, and the bright flowers and fruits give the painting a pop of warmth and sunlight.

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