Hawaiian Holiday...

Canoe Club 12x24sm


I’m getting ready to head to Maui in a few weeks for the Maui Plein Air Invitational, and also to teach a workshop. I thought it would be fun to share a few images from previous visits to Hawaii. The painting above is Canoe Club 12×24″ oil on linen panel. 2013. I love painting boats at home in Maine, so I decided to try my hand at some of the traditional Hawaiian canoes and outriggers the past few years. This was an added challenge because of the dappled light in the foreground.


Lahaina Reflections 14x11sm


Lahaina Reflections 14×11″ oil on linen panel. 2013. This was painted during the 2 hour quick-paint event on the final day of the event last year. I was standing on the breakwall in the harbor looking back across at the West Maui mountains. The artists are all given 2 hours to paint, and have to immediately deliver our work to the gallery when the time is up. It’s lots of fun for the spectators and a little intense for the painters.


Watermans Home 11x14sm


Waterman’s Home 11×14″ oil on linen panel 2013. I love the color of the canoe and the look of a yard filled with toys. I was most focused on interesting brushwork. I wanted to find simple solutions to difficult parts of the image. Specifically the palm fronds draped over the canoe and the colors within the lawn. See the detail below for a closer look at what I came up with. I wanted a variety of thin and thick, and light washes with nice linear elements.


Watermans Home 11x14detail

Six Inch Study...



Sometimes I like to do these smaller paintings as a way to plan a larger piece, or just to play around with brushwork and color. This painting is 6×6″ and never did get made into a larger piece, but I’ve always enjoyed it as it is. Part of the draw of painting an old truck is the classic shapes, but another part of it is the variety of color from the cleaner paint, and reflections, to the more rusted out areas.

This painting will be in a group show at Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar, California, opening this month.

Lobster Lunch...

Lobster lunch 18x24sm


Painting lobsters is tricky for several reasons. I really like the challenge of trying to capture the different types of red, and the slight shine to the surface of the shell. It’s also always a challenge for me to figure out how to compose a still life. One of the more surprising challenges was figuring  out how long to leave the lobsters on the table to paint, and still have them safe to eat. This felt more like a plein air painting as I raced to finish the painting so that I could eat the lobsters. This canvas is 18×24″

Monument Valley...

Monument Valley 11x14sm


One more painting from Utah. This was painted at Monument Valley, which is one of the most intriguing landscapes I’ve ever seen. It’s a hard place to capture, but even if I can’t do it justice it’s a really exciting place to work. Between the massive land-forms and the atmospheric perspective, it’s a great place to paint.

I’ve taken a little break from painting for the last few weeks to set up my new studio. I’m moving from a basement studio to a garage studio, which may sound like a lateral transition, but it’s actually quite a step up; higher ceilings, more light, better organization. It’s been fun planning the new space and organizing my paintings/books/paperwork/supplies. I’ve built some storage racks on one wall. There’s a new set of built in bookshelves. I also built a new worktable with built in flat files and storage below for gesso and canvas. It’s a lot of work to make the move, but I’m excited to work in the new space.


hazel 10x8sm


I don’t get many opportunities to paint my daughters from life, but I have done a few quick sketches when they are young and less mobile. Both of these are quick sketches of my youngest daughter painted from life. She’s a bit squirmy, but a fun challenge to paint. Each of these was probably done in about 30 minutes.


Hazel Rose10x8sm

I also just want to add a reminder that I’ll be teaching a 3 day landscape painting workshop on Maui after the Maui Plein Air Invitaational. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about it, or follow the link about the workshops.


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