Workshop in Maryland.

Ocean Perch 24x36.jpg

This class is hosted by Chesapeake Fine Art Studio in Kent Island, MD. 10am to 4pm, March 2-4. Follow the link above to sign up by contacting the organizer directly. If you have any trouble you can also reach out to me by sending an email through the contact page of this website. $595 tuition. 


Color creates drama and emotion in a painting. In this class we will demystify some of the complexities in how painters use color to grab the eye. We will discuss the ideas of how colors relate, and also apply that to our practice as painters, from mixing colors on the palette, to arranging a smart composition, and then applying clean vibrant colors that relate to each other harmoniously. I find the most joy in my work when I am playing with the layering and interaction of color, and I want to share my excitement and knowledge so you can enjoy it also. This will be a studio class, with a focus on punching up our paintings and increasing overall skills at the easel.