Summer is here

Memorial Day feels like the real start of summer for me. It's when I want to get my garden planted and cleaned up for the summer season. Boats start filling up the harbors in Maine. The lakes are almost warm enough to swim comfortably in. And it's also time for me to start getting new paintings delivered to the galleries here in Maine. Just this week I dropped off a new batch of paintings at Dowling Walsh Gallery, and I left some new pieces at Courthouse Fine Art in Ellsworth. I also shipped some new work to Anglin Smith Fine Art in Charleston, SC. Most of the winter I work quietly in my studio, but as summer comes along I have to switch gears a bit and focus on getting new work out to galleries. Every year this delivery of new paintings comes with some excitement, and some nervousness. I use the winter to try new things and experiment with my work. I'm excited about what I've painted over the last few months, but it's still a little scary to put those paintings out in the world. Now it's time to show them to other people and find out if anyone else is interested in them. 

If you are near one of my galleries this summer, I'd love to hear what you think of the paintings you see there. If you're able to make it to an opening reception for one of my shows I'd love to find out in person.