Settled in to the studio

I’m finally wrapping up a few months of travel; painting, teaching, and attending opening receptions. This is always a nice time of year for me. Now that I’m settling back in at home I can slow down and focus on some new painting ideas, and I can experiment a bit more in the studio. I already have some projects in mind for this winter, both in the studio, and in for my career (more to come on that later.) Today I’m putting a list together of a few things I have to get done when I get home, but the most important items at the top of that list are to stretch some more canvases, and get a few more sketches done so I can dig into some new big paintings. I’ll be posting some of these sketches on my Instagram feed, @cpageart, if you want to see some of the work as it develops. An as soon as I have news and images worth sharing, I’ll also be putting them up on this site. But until then I’m just going to enjoy painting!

Splash 9x12sm.jpg