Fall Travel

Coastal Pine 9x12.jpg

I always try to keep my summer schedule light for painting trips so I can focus on plein air work in Maine, and enjoy the fleeting warmth. I want to be right here at home, swimming in the lake, sailing on the ocean, playing with my kids, and painting Maine's beautiful harbors. The end result is that fall can be very busy for me. This year fall starts with a workshop in Maine, followed by a workshop and exhibition in Charleston, and then a trip to California for a show of Catalina Island paintings. And to cap it all off, I have been invited on a painting trip to China. I'll be missing out on some of the fall color at home, but at least I'm able to stay here in Maine right now and make the most of our last few weeks of summer going on adventures with the kids. I'm excited to have all of these opportunities to share my paintings in different parts of the country, and sometimes around the world, and I'm realizing that part of making that work, is finding a balance that works for me and my family. If you want to get details on any of these upcoming trips, check out the calendar page of the website.