2017 Workshops

I'm teaching a few workshops in the coming year. These classes will focus on painting the landscape on location. We will work on careful observation of color, creating more dynamic paintings, and using clean and purposeful paint application. The key to better plein air painting is learning to simplify a complex landscape, using rich color and a painterly brushstroke. We will start each day with a discussion of a different lesson and a morning exercise designed around that lesson. Each afternoon will be used for painting time while I work with students one-on-one. This class will be a fun way to expand upon your painting skills and understanding in a beautiful environment. 

These classes are always fun for me. I have a great time getting to know the students and talking shop with them all week. We share ideas and work hard. It's great to see my students focus on their paintings and make improvements during our time together. 

I teach one class in Rockland, ME, each year, but it's sold out and the waiting list is full. So my workshops in California and Maryland are the only options to take a class in 2017.

I'll be teaching at the Debra Huse Gallery on Balboa Island in southern California Feb 1-4. $600. Email:  Phone: 949-723-6171

 I'll also be teaching at the Chesapeake Fine Art Studio on Kent Island, MD March 23-26. $750.  Phone: 410-200-8019